Migrating Cyrus-IMAP to another machine

Fabio Corazza fabio at newbay.com
Thu Jul 6 09:37:46 EDT 2006

David S. Madole wrote:
> My limited experience is that you can simply copy both /var/spool/imap
> and /var/lib/imap to the new machine if you are trying to migrate
> everything.
> One way to do this to minimize downtime if you have a lot of data is to
> make a live copy while the old server is still running in advance of the
> switchover. Then take Cyrus down on the old server and rsync the
> directories on the new server to the old one. Since most of the data
> will already be there unchanged, rsync will only have to move the
> difference. Depending on your network and amount of data, this can be
> much faster.

Thanks for the rsync advice, I'll go for that.

By the other hand, I'd prefer not to copy the data over /var/lib/imap,
since the BDB4 versions differ. Instead, is there any way to reconstruct
the databases under /var/lib/imap just from the content that it may find
under /var/spool/imap? (where the mailboxes are stored and are gonna be


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