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Wed Jul 5 16:09:16 EDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-07-05 at 17:47 +0200, Marten Lehmann wrote:
> Hello
> > Really? Nice. But you would have to re-create the ext3 filesystem with
> > this newer 2.6 kernel, right? Or would tune2fs do the job given the
> > right options?
> I once enabled the index-option with tune2fs on an old ext3 filesystem 
> at 2.4 kernel which didn't give much performance boost. But partitions I 
> created on new 2.6 kernel systems worked well.

You have to actually use 'e2fsck -D -f /dev/XXX' to re-hash the
directories when you change this.

For anyone curious, RHEL3's 2.4 kernel also supports indexed
directories, which you can enable with:

  tune2fs -O dir_index /dev/XXX

For a write-intensive filesystem, one might also want to increase the
journal size; I believe the perceived hangs are caused by the journal
needing to be flushed too often.  Here's a message where Ted Ts'o
mentions it:

Adding 'noatime' probably helps too.

Of course, if you can move the Journal Block Device elsewhere, like a
faster region of the disk(s) or another spindle that will likely help
considerably too.

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