Strange errors in imap.log

Nikola Milutinovic alokin1 at
Wed Jul 5 15:50:23 EDT 2006

Hi list.

I'm running Cyrus IMAP 2.2.10 on Tru64 UNIX 4.0D (home grown) with Berkeley DB 4.2.52 patch1,2.

I'm seeing in my logs that ctl_cyrusdb, which is running every 30 minutes from /etc/cyrus.conf, complains saying it cannot open ${configdir}/db, stating "permission denied".

I have checked permissions and they are just fine. I have 10 other servers and most of them are running fine, same packages were used to install Cyrus IMAP.

I have also tried running:

su - cyrus
/usr/sbin/ctl_cyrusdb -c
/usr/sbin/ctl_cyrusdb -r

Logs show that both of these commands run fine.

Any idea what exactly is going on?


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