Mailstore filesystem

Daniel Eckl deckl at
Mon Jul 3 17:19:39 EDT 2006

That sounds promising, but sadly, CPU is not the problem. CPU usage I
can find with top and grepping the logfiles with the PID.

But the triggering client makes a high iowait, so load increases
dramatically while CPU usage stays low.


Wesley Craig schrieb:
> On 03 Jul 2006, at 12:11, Daniel Eckl wrote:
>> I cannot identify the triggering client and/or the action it starts....
> I have a set of patches to 2.2.x that adds per-user CPU logging.  I'm
> busying porting them forward to 2.3.x as we speak.  Sadly, Linux doesn't
> support getrusage(2) of more interesting data like blocks I/O.  But for
> machines that do nothing but mail, CPU time logging would show up which
> users are the problem.
> :wes

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