Start with cyrus 2.3.1? [auf Viren überprüft]

Hans Moser hans.moser at
Mon Feb 27 05:48:54 EST 2006

Andreas Hasenack schrieb:

>>We're starting a new test with cyrus imapd, which will end up in a 
>>production setup in the next few month.
>>Shall we test with the stable 2.2.12 or 2.3.1?
>>In general I would prefer "stable", but if 2.3.x will become stable in 
>>the next time (before we'll get in production), it will be better to 
>>test with 2.3.1 to minimize later update dependancies, won't it?
> There are some fixes in CVS for 2.3.1, perhaps if you could wait for
> 2.3.2?
"Waiting for the next version" is a game you can play your whole life... ;-)

This doesn't answer my question.
Are there scrupulosities to now start with 2.3.x yet or 2.2.x still?


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