cyrus partitioning

John McMonagle johnm at
Fri Feb 24 16:45:24 EST 2006

Again I'm new to cyrus....

In case it is relevant this is what I have to far.
Running debian sarge.
Running lvm on software raid1.
Have about 10gb mail.
It's not on line yet.
Thinking of each night doing:
  stop cyrus
  making snapshot of the cyrus partition
  start cyrus
  do backups of snapshot
  blow away snapshot.
Was originally thinking of  putting cyrus on it's own partition but see 
the cyrus data is scattered around /var.
Could make a cyrus partition and link into it as needed.
Now I'm thinking it would be a lot easier to have one big /var partition.
Also there is the matter of file system.
Looks like there are fans of ext3, reiserfs and xfs for cyrus.
Was thinking of reiserfs.
Probably thinking about it too much ;-)
Any opinions?

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