reoccuring DBERRORs

Rob Mueller robm at
Fri Feb 24 05:39:34 EST 2006

> When I shut down Cyrus cleanly, which of the files in /var/lib/cyrus/db
> can be deleted safely along with deliver.db then?

FYI, we're using 2.3 and have:

duplicate_db: berkeley-nosync
seenstate_db: skiplist
subscription_db: flat
mboxlist_db: skiplist

And our cyrus start script does:

        # Remove db3 log files
        rm -f /var/imap/db/log.*
        rm -f /var/imap/db/__db*
        rm -f /var/imap/deliver.db

So basically we try and completely delete everything to do with BDB on each 
cyrus restart. It makes restarting a much saner proposition.


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