reoccuring DBERRORs

Huaqing Zheng huasome at
Thu Feb 23 22:46:12 EST 2006

On 2/23/06, mlgw-2k5 at <mlgw-2k5 at> wrote:
> I've run cyrreconstruct. I've wandered through the mailing list archive and
> found countless posts mentioning DB errors, but no real solution.
> Documentation seems to be outdated, wrong, or non-existant. I feel lost.
> Is there *any* way to make this setup work again reliably or is there no
> other solution than to switch to a less fragile software?!

Upgrade to version 2.2.12 and switch your databases to using skiplist works
fairly reliably.

Huaqing Zheng
Beer and Code Wrangler at Large

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