Setting seen while migrating?

John McMonagle johnm at
Thu Feb 23 21:03:26 EST 2006

Zachariah Mully wrote:

>On Thu, 2006-02-23 at 14:56 -0600, John McMonagle wrote:
>>Did a couple tests. 
>>Looks like it can do it, but creates a new problem.
>>Need passwords for all users.
>>On the cyrus side can temporarily  set "sasl_pwcheck_method: allwaystrue".
>>Need some way to get into the uw-imap side.
>>The uw-imap side uses pam via ldap.
>>Thinking of a couple possibilities:
>>pam_rhosts_auth  allow from just from new server.
>>pam_userdb  and create a database for the project.
>>pam_permit  and restrict in hosts.allow or iptables.
>Also, look at the postmaster UWIMAP login, I believe you can enable
>'postmaster' as a super IMAP user. The only problem with this is that
>the su namespace is everything on the server, not just one user.
Don't see anything about a uw-imap super user.
Can't log in as root.

>>Prefer something that allows doing some test runs with without
>>restricting user access.
>>Also that would help with the the speed problem as I could run it
>>overnight before the switch and then run again after stopping incoming
>>mail and user access.
>>Any thoughts?
>imapsync can be run with the --dry switch, which won't copy anything.
>Depending on your UW setup (maildir, mbox, etc) you may or may not have
>problems with concurrent mailbox access. IME, bad things happen with
>mbox/UWIMAP/imapsync when the user logs in while a sync is being done.
>And if anybody uses Outlook 2000/2003, make sure to use
>--syncinternaldates or all the dates on the emails will be pooched in
I added the --syncinternaldates. Were a linux shop and have outlook
disabled on all internal computers but some users use it from home. Boss
would consider messing up outlook a plus ;-)


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