Cyrus newbie questions

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Thu Feb 23 01:51:02 EST 2006

> 2. We would like to have real-time status updates in mailboxes. That
> is, if there are two users looking at the same mailbox and one of them
> marks a message as read, then the other user should also see the
> message marked read. Is this possible with Cyrus? (The main e-mail
> address to which orders arrive is shared between four people.)

The problem I see here is that seen state is per user with shared folders.
IIRC shared seen state is only possible with normal user mailboxes which
you can also share.
And, make sure you have 'flushseenstate: 1' in your imapd.conf if running
version 2.3, or you need patches for this with older releases. In addition
to this, using idled is recommended as someone else already mentioned.

> 3. Deleting and moving mails in Outlook. This isn't much of a problem
> overall, but it'd help the migration if we could work this out.
> Basically, deleting an e-mail simply makes the e-mail text appear as
> strikethrough in the Outlook folder view. Likewise, moving an e-mail
> from one folder to another actually copies it there and marks it
> "deleted" in the current folder. This works fine on Thunderbird. Is
> there some compatibility option I could enable to "fix" this?

There is no move command in IMAP, a client can only 'copy and delete' mail
to move. However, you can configure your clients to not show messages
which have the delete flag set.


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