read only shared folders via nntp

Scott Russell lnxgeek at
Thu Feb 16 10:01:37 EST 2006


I was playing around with the nntp stuff in cyrus 2.3.1 and thought it 
was cool. Right now we have a innd server that acts as a mail -> news 
gateway for several lists. Some of these nntp groups are read only and 
some of these are read / write.

I would like to eliminate innd if I can. We don't peer with anyone and 
running innd is overkill for the few lists we gateway for.

In cyrus 2.3.1 can I configure some of the nntp groups to be read only? 
For some groups I don't want users to be able to post messages through 
nntp to the group.

Also, has anyone had any experience using Mailman to handle nntp <-> 
list posting? Any gotchas?

Scott Russell <lnxgeek at>
IBM Linux Technology Center System Admin

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