postfix, cyrdeliver and username containing '@'

Joel CARNAT joel at
Wed Feb 15 11:48:58 EST 2006

On Fri, Jan 27 2006 - 16:25, former03 | Baltasar Cevc wrote:
> Henrique got the right point - I didn't pay attention on the version... 
> You absolutely need a cyrus version with virtual domain support.
> However, with the new version, use the ${mailbox} instead of user, as 
> only this passes the whole address (in contrast to providing the 
> localpart on the left-hand side of the @ sign only).
> Baltasar

quoting "man 8 pipe" :
${mailbox}... with an address user+foo at domain the mailbox is user+foo.
${recipient} ... This macro expands to the complete recipient address.

I did try both and they both fail :(
From my testings, it seems it's just postfix (or lmtpunix) that does not
insert \ where it should.

when I do it myself it works :
# sudo cyrdeliver -a joel.carnat\ -m user/joel.carnat\\\

I can see :
... cyrus/lmtpunix ... user.joel^carnat at here^com 0

And get the mail - indeed the mailbox exists :)
localhost> lm
user/joel.carnat at (\HasChildren)
user/joel.carnat at (\HasNoChildren)

But from postfix :
cyrus   unix    -       n       n       -       -       pipe
        flags=Ruh user=cyrus argv=/usr/sbin/cyrdeliver -q -r $sender -m $extension ${mailbox}

It just doesn't work :
... cyrus/lmtpunix ... verify_user(user.joel^carnat) failed: Mailbox does not exist

The wiki says why it happens but not how to solve it :)

What do I have to modify to have cyrdeliver get the @ character escaped ?


PS: Cyrus IMAPD is now "v2.2.12-Debian-2.2.12-3"

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