Murder error

Casper casper at
Wed Feb 15 10:45:53 EST 2006

When i log on to my proxy i get errors because the partition can't be found.

The logfiles on the backendmachine that gives the error looks like this,

Feb 15 16:39:52 bs1 imap[76455]: login: fs1 [xx.xx.xx.xx] email at 
DIGEST-MD5 User logged in
Feb 15 16:39:52 bs1 imap[76455]: IOERROR: opening!bs1/cyrus.header: No such file or directory

the partition from the Backend imapd.conf

partition-default: /var/spool

 From cyradmin i get this error when try to create folders as a user 
(and admin) and i log on to the backend with cyradm,

createmailbox: Unknown/invalid partition

And then again the backendserverlogfile gives me,

Feb 15 16:45:02 bs1 imap[76473]: Could not find!!bs1 in config file during create

Last week my hair was brown, now it's grey.

What to do? Color my hair or can somebody help me a little bit...


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