Shared folders are invisible?

Joseph Brennan brennan at
Tue Feb 14 11:50:44 EST 2006

>> Outlook express doesn't understand more than one namespace, so it won't
>> support shared folders.  You need the full version of outlook.
>>> I need shared folders, I'm trying to create this, but can't see the
>>> folders from client (in Outlook Express in IMAP Folders i don;t see
>>> these folders). How to make them visible?

Outlook is a different product than Outlook Express.  If anything
I would expect Outlook Express to get this right since it is supposed
to be an Internet mail program.  Outlook is the Exchange client, with
pop tacked on, and imap tacked on to that.

The only way to make these two clients useful is to use altnamespace
and to define a sharedprefix.  This causes available (by acl) shared
(non-user) folders to appear in each user's list of folders.

It breaks namespace, strictly speaking, because the server will then
list shared folders both in a list of one's own folders and again in a
list of folders in the shared namespace.  Interestingly however the
namespace-aware clients we tested (Thunderbird, Netscape, maybe
something else) dealt with this and did not show duplicate listings.
(Only Mulberry showed two lists of the same folders, but that sadly
is not a consideration now.)

Joseph Brennan
Columbia University Information Technology

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