noreply should go to black hole

Sujit Choudhury S.Choudhury at
Tue Feb 14 11:16:37 EST 2006

Hi Simon,
Thanks very much for your solution.  It is working as it should.



Simon Matter wrote:
>>This question may be a bit out of topic.  However, we would like to
>>configure our cyrus/postfix server so that any mail destined for noreply
>>goes to a blackhole (i.e does not get delivered).
>>One easy and not so nice solution would be to create a shared folder and
>>delete any mail in that folder on a regular basis.  However, this is too
>>Any help would be appreciated.
> I have setup a discard transport in postfix for all kind of things like this.
> In /etc/postfix/ I have:
> #
> # This transport will just eat messages.
> #
> discard   unix  -       n       n       -       -       pipe
>   user=nobody argv=/bin/cat /dev/null
> Then a transport table can be used to direct mails to the discard
> transport like this in /etc/postfix/transport:
> noreply at domain.tld                      discard:
> Regards,
> Simon

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