from 2.2.12 to 2.3.1, mailbox has invalid format

Nicolas KOWALSKI Nicolas.Kowalski at
Mon Feb 13 16:07:44 EST 2006

Ken Murchison <murch at> writes:

> Nicolas KOWALSKI wrote:

>> I am testing the migration from a 2.2.12 installation, compiled with
>> the default options (./configure without any option), to a 2.3.1
>> installation, also compiled with the default options. The databases
>> used are the default for both. The system is Debian 3.1, using db3 for
>> the berkeley databases (but this should not matter because we do not
>> use tls caching or duplicate suppression).
>> When I start the server using the new binaries, accessing some
>> mailboxes is not possible, the server sending a "mailbox has invalid
>> format" error. If I run reconstruct on these mailboxes, everything
>> runs fine afterwards.
> You shouldn't have to do a reconstruct unless there truely is
> something wrong with the mailbox. The various services are supposed
> to do an on-the-fly upgrade of the mailboxes.

Well, one of the mailboxes which trigger this error is mine, and it
does work without any problem with our current Cyrus 2.2.12
installation. That's why I am surprised...

What may I provide to help understanding/debugging what's going on ?


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