deliver in 2.3.1 cause Memory fault

Patrice gopat at
Mon Feb 13 09:48:07 EST 2006


I used this command on 2.2.12 to make a local delivery for warning messages.

cat mymail.txt|deliver  -- toto at

with mymail.txt being correctly formatted.
the deliver was working fine.

the same command with 2.3.1 cause a Memory fault
with no log.

I tried to use the deliver binary from 2.2.12 on my new 2.3.1 tree it 
works (mail delivered)
but this appears in my log file:
IOERROR: locking header for user.toto: Resource deadlock avoided
and imap does not respond anymore till a restart.

I searched for the same problem but I haven't found any clue.
thank you for your help.

Best Regards

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