shared folders - question

Andrzej Kwiatkowski andrzej.kwiatkowski at
Mon Feb 13 03:47:35 EST 2006

Hello.. I'm trying to use shared folders in cyrus to view user mail by admin.
And for doing this i enter as cyrusadmin
(user1 wants to read user2 mail)

setacl user/user2 at user1 at lr

whene user2 creates some folder user1 can read it.

But problem is when i want to remove access for user2 mailbox.
I try to do in this way:

? deleteacl user/user2 at user at

but this remove access only to INBOX folder, any other subfolder are
still available.

How can i find all mailbox which are available for partical user with
account ?

select user/user2 at

List all mailboxes for cyrusadmin bot not for user1 at

Could someone help me ?


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