quotas repeatedly resetting themselves

GreenGecko darkirony at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 01:03:11 EST 2006

Configuration is on Mac OS X (not server) with Cyrus from Darwin

We have been using this setup a little while without troubles but all of a
sudden it started giving over quota warnings when we had told it to ignore
quotas. Upon logging in, we discovered the quotes were set to some tiny
number. When we reset them, either by editing the file or using cyradm it is
only temporary. As soon as someone logs in to IMAP the quota resets back
again to some tiny number: 131072 and the quota warnings restart.

Anyone have ideas what it going on? Repeated attempt to reset are
immediately overwritten and turning write off on the quota file is about
thing to do, but generates a lot of other errors.

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