ACL problems

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Wed Feb 8 02:25:04 EST 2006

On Tue, 7 Feb 2006, Robert Schmid wrote:

> On Tue, February 7, 2006 20:38, Andrew Morgan wrote:
>> "Other Users" is how you see other user mailboxes when you have sort of
>> access to them, from an IMAP client.  You won't find "Other Users" in the
>> mailboxes.db.
>>> Where else should I look to find out how this user is getting access to
>>> these other mailboxes?
>> What are the permissions on the mailbox that appears under Other Users?
>> Perhaps there is an ACL on a subfolder of that mailbox that is granting
>> access?  What does "sam" say for the user foo in this case?
> I'm having problems with cyradmin.  I can log in as user 'a' or as user
> 'b' but not as user cyrus. (or cyrusimap in this case).  As such I can't
> run lam user.a (I assume you meant lam, not sam).

Oops yeah, lam not sam.

> In any case, when I run lam * under user a I see all of user b's
> mailboxes, assigned owned by b but with full access to 'a', apparently.
> I've tried logging in as 'b' and changing permissions on these mailboxes
> but nothing seems to happen.
> Perhaps if I can get this login problem fixed...

If you can't login as the cyrus admin user, then I don't know if you can 
fix this...


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