IOERRORS -- the saga continues

Ken Murchison murch at
Tue Feb 7 20:12:13 EST 2006

Perry Smith wrote:
> Ken,
> I am not sure I answered your question before.
> I went back and used Mac's tcpdump utility to look at the data coming  
> over the wire.  It is *not* clear text.  So, I am assuming it is  using 
> Kerberos to encrypt the data.  If I still have not answered  your 
> question, I can either dig further into the code and/or ask some  Mac 
> guys on the net -- but I've not found Mac guys that really know  the 
> details like this.
> Looking at prot_fill in prot.c, s->saslssf is true when the client is  
> authenticating using Kerberos and false when the client is using  
> "password" (which I assume is clear text password authentication).

Right, I assumed that the problem is in the security layer code.  So 
you're using GSSAPI, not KERBEROS_V4, correct?

Kenneth Murchison
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