Deleting multiple users

Mordur cl at
Thu Dec 28 22:11:10 EST 2006

> Mordur wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I would like to delete about 550 users from Cyrus imap. Does anyone have
>> a script or advice for me how to do that without me having to manually
>> grant cyrus user the delete right for each user and then deleting?  Any
>> advice greatly appreciated.
> You could try:
> cyradm host
> sam user.* cyrus x
> (if x it the flag, I'm not sure at the moment)
> dm user.*
> if that doesn't work put a % in stead of a *

I want to apologize for wasting anyones time, but I figured this out.
This confused me no end, so I just want to explain what it was I was
trying to do, in case this could help anyone else.
My implementation of Cyrus IMAP is one of virtual domains. In this case,
I needed to remove all users of a certain domain,, but no
An example of a users top level mailbox is this:

user/ziggi at (\HasChildren)

And a sub-box like this:

user/ziggi/Sent at (\HasNoChildren)

What  I  had to  do to grant user cyrus all rights  was simply:

--- >     localhost> sam user/* cyrus all

and this granted user cyrus all rights on every mailbox and sub-mailbox
for domain

I, then, thought I was home free, and tried:

--- >     dm user/*

But this delivered me an error message informing me that  there was no
such  mailbox as user/Drafts/someuser at The user was, in
fact, deleted, and so were his sub-mailboxes, but the error stopped the
process so I would have had to reissue the command for every user. I
didn't feel like doing that 533 times. The solution to this was:

--- >     dm user/*/*

To delete all the sub-mailboxes,

and only then:

--- >     dm user/*

to remove the top level mailbox.

Hope this can help someone.

Mordur Ingolfsson

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