IMAP sync tool (rsync for IMAP)

Florin Andrei florin at
Sat Dec 23 03:14:15 EST 2006

Florin Andrei wrote:
> Sort of like rsync for IMAP, if that makes sense.
> So far, the only tool I've found is imapsync:

Seems to be working fine. It's recursive, it's smart (subsequent runs 
don't download the old messages again, only the new messages), the 
command-line switches are a rich set that's pretty much 
self-explanatory. It's easy to do non-destructive tests. It's flexible 

Downside: If you have very large messages on the source IMAP servers, 
you better run the script on a machine with lots of RAM. On my system it 
died repeatedly with "out of memory" when it was hitting a 32MB message 
(on-disk size), and the system has 1GB RAM.
It's probably best to run it on a 3rd system, one that's separate from 
both the source and the destination IMAP servers, otherwise unpleasant 
things might happen if the script starts to gobble up RAM on the IMAP 
server. Again, this 3rd system is best if it has lots of RAM if you 
allow large messages on your source IMAP server.

Florin Andrei

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