Global Sieve Script

Federico Sevilla III jijo at
Thu Dec 14 12:44:54 EST 2006


I would like to create a "global" sieve script that will be active for
all users, regardless of the presence of a per-user sieve script or not.
This is so that all spam marked by amavis with the X-Spam-Status header
can be segregated into spam folders.

I have already created and activated a script placed in the global
namespace, but this doesn't seem to be run for all users (actually, it
doesn't seem to be run for any users).

Is my understanding of what a "global script" is correct? Or do global
scripts still need to be included or otherwise referenced in per-user

If anyone has a recipe for scripts that are activated for all users
without requiring individual scripts in the users' sieve folders, please
do share this.


(PS- would appreciate if I can be cc'd replies)

Federico Sevilla III
F S 3 Consulting Inc.

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