Installtion error - cyrusdb_berkeley structure has no member named `set_lk_max'

Oliver Falk oliver at
Thu Dec 14 06:38:52 EST 2006

Hi Chaskiel!

Am 2006-12-12 20:06, Chaskiel M Grundman schrieb:
> --On Tuesday, December 12, 2006 02:12:41 PM +0530 Pubudu Premachandra 
> <npubudu at> wrote:
>> cyrusdb_berkeley.c:176: error: structure has no member named `set_lk_max'
> set_lk_max has been deprecated since DB 4.0. I guess it was finally 
> removed.
> The following patch may be used to work around this:
[ ... ]
> Or you can downgrade to DB 4.3 (I don't know if 4.4 will work or not)

I'm trying to rebuild my Cyrus IMAP rpm packge for 'Fedora Development'. 
  Fedora just updated DB4 to 4.5.20. The above patch will - I expect, 
because the error with set_lk_max is the same - be needed for 4.5.20 as 
well. However; I just wanted to know if anyone has experience with DB 
4.5 already or not!? If not with 4.4 I don't think anyone tried 4.5!?


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