cyrus and ldap changing passwords?

Mike mikee at
Wed Dec 13 11:42:14 EST 2006

On Wed, 13 Dec 2006, Mike might have said:

> I'm close to moving LDAP to production and am running a 
> few checks. The one this morning is changing my password,
> seeing that password updated in ldap, and logging in to
> linux with the old password (fails) and the new password
> (passes). Then I tried to copy an email message from my
> workstations outlook express from a local folder to the
> imap (cyrus) server on linux. The copy failed (good). I
> changed the password to the new password and the copy
> failed (bad).
> The message in /var/log/maillog is:
> Dec 13 09:06:55 $HOST imap[19577]: badlogin: [] \
>   plaintext mikee SASL(-13): authentication failure: checkpass failed
> I changed back to the origianl password and the copy in
> outlook express succeeded. Actually, the program is plain
> outlook, not outlook express.
> The workstation is xp with all the current patches. The
> server is red hat fedora core 5 with patches older than
> one week. The cyrus server is working, there is just a
> problem with ldap and changing passwords.
> Where do I look or any ideas on what to change? This box
> is begining to be used by others, so there is a limit
> to what I can do during the day.
> Oh, with the new password I was able to login using 
> 'telnet localhost 143', '1 login $USER $PASS', '2 list "" ""',
> '3 logout'.

I think this an outlook issue in that each time outlook
access the imap folder it re-asks for the password. If I
clikc the 'Remember Me' (which I don't like), it remembers
the password and acts normal (normal for outlook).



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