cyrus and ldap changing passwords?

Mike mikee at
Wed Dec 13 10:17:25 EST 2006

I'm close to moving LDAP to production and am running a 
few checks. The one this morning is changing my password,
seeing that password updated in ldap, and logging in to
linux with the old password (fails) and the new password
(passes). Then I tried to copy an email message from my
workstations outlook express from a local folder to the
imap (cyrus) server on linux. The copy failed (good). I
changed the password to the new password and the copy
failed (bad).

The message in /var/log/maillog is:

Dec 13 09:06:55 $HOST imap[19577]: badlogin: [] \
  plaintext mikee SASL(-13): authentication failure: checkpass failed

I changed back to the origianl password and the copy in
outlook express succeeded. Actually, the program is plain
outlook, not outlook express.

The workstation is xp with all the current patches. The
server is red hat fedora core 5 with patches older than
one week. The cyrus server is working, there is just a
problem with ldap and changing passwords.

Where do I look or any ideas on what to change? This box
is begining to be used by others, so there is a limit
to what I can do during the day.

Oh, with the new password I was able to login using 
'telnet localhost 143', '1 login $USER $PASS', '2 list "" ""',
'3 logout'.


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