How to remove a users sieve sieve script?

Timo Veith tv at
Tue Dec 12 05:13:53 EST 2006

Am Dienstag 12 Dezember 2006 09:16 schrieb Simon Liebold:
> Hi Timo,
> i usually use the sieveshell. But if the deletion of these files work
> as well i would be interested to know.
> Kind regards,
> -simon

With sieveshell I get 

$ sieveshell -a cyrus -u <some_other_username> localhost
connecting to localhost
Please enter your password:
Please enter your password:
Bad protocol from MANAGESIEVE server: lost connection

Note the two password prompts! The password is right because I can use it 
with cyradm. And it doesn't matter if I use the -u option or not. I get 
the same error.

But: sieveshell works if I am not using user "cyrus".


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