some notes on upgrading from 2.1.15 to 2.2.12

Rudy Gevaert Rudy.Gevaert at
Mon Dec 11 09:32:21 EST 2006

Simon Matter wrote:
>> This may not be too important for anyone any more, I had some weirdness
>> with quotas wehn upgrading from 2.1.15 to 2.2.12.
>> At first I thought that all my quotas were somehow lost during the
>> upgrade.  Originally I thought this might have been because I
>> inadvertently left the Cyrus master daemon turned on when I first
>> rebooted the system back to multi-user mode.  It seemed as though the
>> quotas.db file, was completely empty after the aborted run of the new
>> version prior to DB conversion.  Hmmm....  hang on, maybe that's also
>> because the old version had been configured to use quotalegacy by
>> default, which are the individual files in /var/quota/?/user.*; but the
>> new version was configured to use a skiplist DB by default, and the
>> actual setting was never present in the config file.
>> Not thinking about the quotalegacy issue (because I was too tired) I
>> simply re-assigned the quotas manually using the cyradm interface, shut
>> down master, then used "quota -f" to recover the usage numbers.  However
>> during recovery I noted some very strange things happening with the
>> "quota -f" runs.  The first time I ran "quota -f" without any mailboxes
>> then it seemed to whack the usage numbers by a factor of two (I can't
>> remember which way) on the mailboxes where I had already done a test run
>> of "quota -f user.USER".
> I saw things like that more than once and I never figured out what exactly
> has triggered it and which versions of cyrus were affected. However, I
> found a general rule which seems important at least it was so when I last
> had a problem with quotas with 2.3.7:
> Always make sure that your metadata is clean before using quota -f. If in
> doubt, run reconstruct first. This seems to also be the case after some
> upgrades. So for me I'm now always doing a reconstruct before a quota -f.
> This can takes dozens of hours on large systems but better than having
> broken quotas for such a long period.

Simon et all,

Our site had a huge failure (we lost the config directory /var/imap) 
this weekend.  We are now back running with a recovered mailboxes.db en 
*.sub files for our users (we didn't use reconstruct as that would take 
to long, 800Gigs of mail).

The only thing still lacking is correct quotas.  I set the quota for 
each mailbox to 'none' (to get everything working).  Now I want to add a 
correct quota number.  However I can set it with 'sq user.login x'.  But 
  requesting the quota gives me:
tarzan> lq user.rgevaert 

  STORAGE 0/2000000 (0%)

I am sure to have several megabytes.  I looks like I have to run the 
quota program.

Before doing it on the full system I would like to run it for my own 
mailbox.  But:

      Running quota with both the  -f  option  and  mailbox-prefix
      arguments is not recommended.

I'm running:

name       : Cyrus IMAPD
version    : v2.1.18 2005/02/14 06:45:19

Do you have any ideas what the consequences would be if I ran quota -f 
user.login on the running system?

Thanks in advance,
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