Sieve rule: move to folder and forward

Muenz, Michael m.muenz at
Tue Dec 5 03:44:26 EST 2006

>>> My problem is, when "keep" is called, also the spam, which should  be 
>>> moved to "Spam" goes to my inbox again. But when setting "stop"  in 
>>> Spam rule, mails detected as spam which aren't, wont be  delivered to 
>>> backup at
>>> Any ideas how to solve this?
>> Put a line "stop;" after you file the email into the Spam folder.
>> Otherwise, Sieve will continue processing later rules.
> You get this line if you set the "Stop checking if this rule matches?" 
> flag in the Spam rule in Ingo
> In new Versions of Ingo this option is set by default.

My problem is, if a mail is wrongly detected as spam, it won't be 
forwarded to the backup-account.


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