how to backup a cyrus server?

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Mon Dec 4 19:16:33 EST 2006

I have found a link to a process that might be helpful:


Aside from this, we have done it the old fashion way: tar & zip on a
live system late at night.  We just had a major server failure on
10/25/2006 which we were able to recover from.


Since this worked we most likely will go with this (Knock on wood), but
the above is a bit more streamlined (rsync).





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Subject: how to backup a cyrus server?


I recently moved all my users from proprietary wemail (using local
sendmail) to latest cyrus and sendmail using lmtp.


I used to use tivoli to backup the old server (which was ok since no
data bases were involved)... but since cyrus has databases and such, I
am concern about file-locking and database corruption.


What is the best way to back up the server? shutdown cyrus for a while,
then snap shot it, and then back up to tivoli.... or should I just be
able to back up the running server directly to tivoli?


what other software can I use to backup?



Rafael Mahecha


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