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Mon Dec 4 15:59:09 EST 2006

Joseph Brennan <brennan at> writes:

> Andrzej Adam Filip <anfi at> wrote:
>> 2) Methods you suggest do not give a chance to reject messages to over
>> quota mailboxes *in SMTP session*.
> ...which can be a good thing if you want to give users a chance to
> clean up or request more space.
> The trouble with smmapd is that it gives only a binary yes/no response,
> not distinguishing even 'user unknown' from 'user over quota'.  Reject
> 'user unknown' in the smtp session-- absolutely-- but temp fail situations
> are handled more nicely by accepting and queueing locally.

IMHO it is simply a matter of making smmapd.c sending replies in
different format.

smapd.c gets in every query:
* map name (currently ignored)
* query string (currently mailbox name)

smapd.c can send replies in format based on "map name" e.g.
for map_name="cyrus"  it can preserve the current behavior
for map_name="cyrus2" it can send back
* FOUND OK:mailbox_name
* FOUND QUOTA:mailbox_name

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