NFSv4, anyone?

Adam Kramer akramer at
Fri Dec 1 16:07:19 EST 2006

Just another datapoint,

Cyrus seems to work fine with a 2.4 kernel via NFSv3 to a netapp filer
when mounted with -o nolock. It doesn't use lockd, but it still uses
local locking. imaptest has no problems (except for "STORE failed: NO
Too many user flags in mailbox" which is just because cyrus has a
limit on how many different flags can exist in a mailbox.) I undefined
RAND_KEYWORDS and recompiled imaptest and it didn't report any errors
in about 20 minutes of running.

Obviously with '-o nolock' you won't be able to have two servers
accessing the same mail store, but it could be used for quick failover
from one machine to another while still having the benefits of a
netapp like snapmirroring and .snapshot directories.

I've only tested this configuration, not run it for any real uses.


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