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Wed Aug 30 06:38:05 EDT 2006

Hi Bart,
On 30.08.2006, at 10:43, Bart Van Loon wrote:

> On Tue, 2006-08-29 at 21:25 +0200, former03 | Baltasar Cevc wrote:
>> Hi Bart,
>>> user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto.devel (\HasNoChildren)
>> [...]
>>> alex # echo "" | /usr/local/cyrus/bin/deliver -m
>>> user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto.devel
>>> +user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto.devel: Mailbox does not exist
>>> alex # logout
>>> bbbart at alex ~ $ echo "" | /usr/local/cyrus/bin/deliver -m
>>> Lists.gphoto.devel
>>> +Lists.gphoto.devel: Mailbox does not exist
>>> course, when I specify the user bbbart at the end of the deliver
>>> statement, the empty mail gets delivered in my INBOX, but this is not
>>> what I want.
>> I don't know wheter I understood what you want - the question I got
>> was: how can I make cyrus deliver use the mailbox subhierarchy of the
>> currently logged in user?
> yes, exactly. so my mail is fetched by fetchmail, whcih calls upon
> procmail, which in his turn, calls upon /usr/local/cyrus/bin/deliver.
> all this happens as the user for which the mail is being processed. in
> this example. that would be 'bbbart'.
> from the man-page I get the following:
> """
> -m mailbox
>    Deliver to mailbox.  If any userids are specified, attempts to
> deliver to user.userid.mailbox for each  userid.  If the ACL on any 
> such
> mailbox does not grant the sender the "p" right or if -m is not
> specified, then delivers to the INBOX for the userid, regardless of the
> ACL on the INBOX.
>    If no userids are specified, attempts to deliver to mailbox.  If the
> ACL  on  mailbox  does  not grant the sender the "p" right, the 
> delivery
> fails.
> """
> so I expect that
> $ /usr/local/cyrus/bin/deliver -m Lists.gphoto.devel bbbart
> would try to drop the mail into user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto.devel (if it 
> is
> allowed) and fallback on user.bbbart
> seen from the perspective of the user bbbart, that would be delivery in
> INBOX.Lists.gphoto.devel with fallback on INBOX.
> isn't this interpretation correct?
> my goal is to write procmail recipes that sort my mail by passing it
> to /usr/local/cyrus/bin/deliver with the correct -m parameter.

Actually, that's how I think it should work - I'm not sure, though, as
I never used deliver...

Maybe it's a permission problem - try (but remove it later), to grant
"p" rights to the folder to anybody.
  cyradm> sam user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto.devel anyone p

If it works with that you'd have to play with authentication or use 
as a user listen in lmtp_admins - when doing that always think about the
possibility that anybody can save messages (but nor more) to any folder 
you make deliver runnable by any user and use preauthed connections with
the ACLs set in a way that procmail can write anywhere.

>> In that case: what you've seen is the expected behaviour. There is no
>> mailbox named Lists.ghoto.devel; cyrus deliver does not care about 
>> what
>> name the calling user has. The system is ignorant of the system users
>> by design - it's a black box.
> I see. so are you telling me I should try the following?
> bbbart at alex ~ $ echo "" | /usr/local/cyrus/bin/deliver -m
> user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto.devel
> +user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto.devel: Mailbox does not exist
No, I thought that you hadn't specified the user at all - however I was
apparently wrong.

>> So if you want to work around that, you could either specify the user,
>> create an alias in the shell or something similar.
>> However, you may run into permission trouble - as the mailboxes are in
>> some folder tree that belongs to the cyrus user, you cannot 
>> distinguish
>> the users there - either you allow anybody (including the nobody
>> account) to deliver mails anywhere or you just deny it to anybody
>> except the cyrus user or group.
> hmmm... say my mailfolder is /var/spool/imap/ and there I have the a
> subfolders user/bbbart/ and user/bbbart/Lists/gphoto/devel
> you are right about the permissions: only the user cyrus has permission
> any permissions on /var/spool/imap/user, but if that is the reason why 
> I
> can't deliver directly
> into /var/spool/imap/user/bbbart/Lists/gphoto/devel, why is it possible
> to deliver into /var/spool/imap/user/bbbart, where my INBOX lives?
That sounds like the permission problem.

Deliver probably talks to the Cyrus lmtpd via pre-authed LMTP on a unix
socket, so permissions to the files are not the problem. You should 
care about how cyrus stores its data (except if you run into trouble 
as it's a black box design - never touch any file there manually except 
you really know what you're doing...

> maybe I should just rephrase my question:
> is it possible -- and if so: how? -- to have cyrus deliver mail into a
> folder in the hierarchy underneith a user's INBOX folder or is all mail
> bound to arrive in the top INBOX folder and is sorting to be done
> afterwards?
It is possible. Alternatively, you can do Sieve filtering.


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