sync_client stalls the rest of cyrus while 'no route to host'

Wesley Craig wes at
Tue Aug 29 21:25:52 EDT 2006

On 29 Aug 2006, at 18:38, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> I fail to see the difference between this and a single big log file  
> where
> each replica keeps track of where it's up to in the log file and  
> then seeks
> to that spot, reads up to say 10,000 lines and processes that, then  
> stores
> the new location so they next process can seek directly there  
> before starting.

I like multiple log files for two reasons.  First, it allows me as an  
admin to use a tool like "ls" to decide how far along any particular  
replica is.  Second, code exists that does this.

> This pattern means a lot less copying data to multiple log files  
> and deleting
> again.

Log files are pretty small.


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