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former03 | Baltasar Cevc baltasar.cevc at
Tue Aug 29 15:25:18 EDT 2006

Hi Bart,

> user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto.devel (\HasNoChildren)
> alex # echo "" | /usr/local/cyrus/bin/deliver -m
> user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto.devel
> +user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto.devel: Mailbox does not exist
> alex # logout
> bbbart at alex ~ $ echo "" | /usr/local/cyrus/bin/deliver -m
> Lists.gphoto.devel
> +Lists.gphoto.devel: Mailbox does not exist
> course, when I specify the user bbbart at the end of the deliver
> statement, the empty mail gets delivered in my INBOX, but this is not
> what I want.

I don't know wheter I understood what you want - the question I got 
was: how can I make cyrus deliver use the mailbox subhierarchy of the 
currently logged in user?
In that case: what you've seen is the expected behaviour. There is no 
mailbox named Lists.ghoto.devel; cyrus deliver does not care about what 
name the calling user has. The system is ignorant of the system users 
by design - it's a black box.

So if you want to work around that, you could either specify the user, 
create an alias in the shell or something similar.
However, you may run into permission trouble - as the mailboxes are in 
some folder tree that belongs to the cyrus user, you cannot distinguish 
the users there - either you allow anybody (including the nobody 
account) to deliver mails anywhere or you just deny it to anybody 
except the cyrus user or group.


Baltasar Cevc

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