Mailbox does not exist

Bart Van Loon bart at
Tue Aug 29 13:57:30 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I am new to this list but didn't to search the archives, so I hope this
question is not disturbing anyone.

I have a brand new fetchmail > procmail > cyrus-imapd setup on a FreeBSD
6.0-RELEASE (amd64) machine. all is working very well, except for
delivery of mails into specific user mailboxes.

alex # su - cyrus
%cyradm localhost
localhost> lm
user.bbbart (\HasChildren)
user.bbbart.Drafts (\HasNoChildren)
user.bbbart.Kapaza (\HasNoChildren)
user.bbbart.Lists (\HasChildren)
user.bbbart.Lists.cyrus (\HasChildren) (\HasNoChildren)
user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto (\HasChildren)
user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto.devel (\HasNoChildren)
user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto.user (\HasNoChildren)
user.bbbart.Lists.mod_survey (\HasChildren)
user.bbbart.Lists.mod_survey.devel (\HasNoChildren)
user.bbbart.Lists.mod_survey.discussion (\HasNoChildren)
user.bbbart.OldMail (\HasChildren)
user.bbbart.OldMail.2002 (\HasNoChildren)
user.bbbart.OldMail.2003 (\HasNoChildren)
user.bbbart.OldMail.2004 (\HasNoChildren)
user.bbbart.OldMail.2005 (\HasNoChildren)
user.bbbart.Sent (\HasNoChildren)
user.bbbart.Trash (\HasNoChildren)
user.bbbart.eBay (\HasNoChildren)
localhost> %logout
alex # echo "" | /usr/local/cyrus/bin/deliver -m
+user.bbbart.Lists.gphoto.devel: Mailbox does not exist
alex # logout
bbbart at alex ~ $ echo "" | /usr/local/cyrus/bin/deliver -m
+Lists.gphoto.devel: Mailbox does not exist

course, when I specify the user bbbart at the end of the deliver
statement, the empty mail gets delivered in my INBOX, but this is not
what I want.

can anyone explain this?

thanks a lot!

kind regards,
Bart Van Loon

"One of the joys of being a kid is that experiences are new and
therefore more intense." -Calvin sniffing mustard

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