deliver.db conversion to skiplist

Wesley Craig wes at
Tue Aug 29 11:58:57 EDT 2006

On 29 Aug 2006, at 11:22, Shelley Waltz wrote:
> My question is - should I convert the deliver.db to skiplist?  If I  
> simply
> move it elsewhere and change the imapd.conf to use a deliver.db in  
> skiplist
> and restart, what is lost?  Surely this huge db contains information
> necessary and useful to the message system?

The database contains message-IDs of already delivered messages.  It  
is used to suppress duplicate messages to the same users.  Removing  
the database may allow some (small) number of duplicates to be  
delivered.  You should have a line like:

         # expire messages and deliver.db entries
         delprune        cmd="cyr_expire -E 1" at=0300

in your cyrus.conf file.  This ought to keep deliver.db from growing  
out of bounds.  If deliver.db has become corrupt, simply deleting it  
is a good plan.


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