[cyrus-2.2/debian/cyradm] mboxconfig _mailbox_ expire _expire_ -> mboxconfig: Permission denied

Andrzej Adam Filip anfi at xl.wp.pl
Fri Aug 25 14:35:57 EDT 2006

* I have been unable to set per mailbox expire times using "mboxconfig"
  command via cyradm. It gives "mboxconfig: Permission denied"
* "info" command issued via cyradm reported problerly expire times set
  "a few upgrades ago"
* SETANNOTATION issued directly in IMAP session (imptest) has been able
  to set expire annotation (reported later by "info")

I use cyrus-imapd-2.2.13-6 on debian/testing.

Is it something specific to this debian package or this cyrus release?

[pl2en: Andrew] Andrzej Adam Filip : anfi at priv.onet.pl : anfi at xl.wp.pl

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