Can't login websieve

Sam sam at
Wed Aug 23 19:24:35 EDT 2006

Andrew Morgan wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Aug 2006, Sam wrote:
>> Thanks for the suggestion, the port 2000 is already assigned to 
>> another service in the /etc/service file.
>> eg.
>> callbook        2000/tcp
>> callbook        2000/udp
>> I m not sure whether I can overwrite it or remove the callbook 
>> service and add sieve service to it.
>> After I added sieve service, how to activate it?
> Change the line to:
> callbook    2000/tcp    sieve
> no need to change the 2000/udp line, as far as I know.
>     Andy
I have removed the line ::1 in hosts file and added callbook 2000/tcp 
sieve in the service file, but I still failed to login :(
Is there any way I can manually test it before using the webpage to 
login websieve?


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