unexpunge broken?

Tuan Van tvan at santafefixtures.com
Tue Aug 22 13:13:46 EDT 2006

Wesley Craig wrote:
> On 22 Aug 2006, at 10:17, C.K wrote:
>> This is maybe right, but the mailbox exist.
> unexpunge doesn't have code for translating mailbox name.  It only  
> uses the internal syntax, the name that you'd find when you run:
> 	ctl_mboxlist -d
> So you need to use that syntax, not the syntax that you'd using.  I  
> don't use the virtual domain code myself, so I can't help you with  
> that, but if you can find the name of the mailbox as listed with  
> ctl_mboxlist -d, then you should be able to give that name to  
> unexpunge -l.
> :wes
>> Den Ti, 2006-08-22, 16:06 skrev Wesley Craig:
>>> "Can't lock null" in this case means that unexpunge didn't find the
>>> mailbox in question in mailboxes.db.
I am not the OP but interested in unexpunge as well so I tried . You are
su -s /bin/sh cyrus -c '/path/to/unexpunge -lv
but from the man pages, for example
squatter [ -C config-file ] [ -r ] [ -s ] [ -a ] [ -v ] mailbox...
unexpunge [ -C config-file ] -a [ -d ] [ -v ] mailbox
they are inconsistent WRT usage and the unexpunge man page doesn't
mention anything about the internal syntax.


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