Cyradm works, SquirrelMail and other clients don't

David Hornick cyradmin at
Mon Aug 21 11:58:30 EDT 2006

I am utilizing Cyrus cyrus-imapd-2.2.12-5 on Suse 10.1.  Previously I was
running a Mandrake system but I upgraded boxes and decided to try a new
distro.  Cyrus was a little more interesting to install on Suse then
Mandrake.  Anyway...  After getting everything up and going and
reintegrating my mailboxes from Mandrake I logged in utilizing cyradm -u
username --server  After logging in lm
displayed all of my mailboxes I should have.  Everything appeared to work

My next step was to try and connect with Thunderbird from a remote box.  It
connected fine but showed no mailboxes. I thought that was strange so I
installed and configured SquirrelMail 1.4.8.  When logging in with
SquirrelMail I experienced the same thing.  No Mail, no mailboxes.  So I
turned off Cyrus and tried SquirrelMail again and I couldn't login at all.
It would fail at the login screen.  This tells me that I am logging into
Cyrus, but doesn't help as to why the mail isn't displaying.  No messages or
errors appear in the log files.

I was curious if someone had some thoughts as to what the issue may be or if
they could point me in the right direction to continue debugging.  I haven't
found any similar problems on google...


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