Multiple username/passwords pointing to the same mailbox .. possible?

Bron Gondwana brong at
Mon Aug 21 06:11:21 EDT 2006

On Mon, 21 Aug 2006 09:39:11 +0200, "former03|Baltasar Cevc" <baltasar.cevc at> said:
> Hi Malcom,
> > I am currently migrating a large number of IMAP/POP accounts from one
> > server to another.  The old server using a schema of CLIENTID-0,
> > CLIENTID-1 etc as the naming schema, and it is required that the new
> > server use the user at domain naming schema.
> You cold manage authorization using some database mechanism, where you 
> could have multiple users; however you would have to separate 
> authentication and autorization then. There would be one main problem for 
> which I don't known any solution now: you can't grant access to users in
> a 
> different realm; and your old users are in the servername realm, your new 
> ones in their own domain's.
> Another possibility: perhaps Perdition or some other IMAP proxy can help?
> I 
> don't use it yet, but it has some nice options, e.g. it can present 
> accounts on different servers on one frontend. So perhaps it has some 
> features that can help you.

That's what I would suggest, use Perdition or Nginx (we moved to nginx because
even with Linux 2.6 we hit limits around 20,000 concurrent connections, while
nginx handles that without breaking a sweat)

Our "saslperld" authentication daemon (which now talks about 6 different
protocols, but anyway) could certainly handle this very easily.  It already
rewrites the username to connect to the backend so we can gracefully handle
switching to username at domain logins for machines as we domain split them.

  Bron Gondwana
  brong at

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