2.3.7 replica with multiple partitions?

Tim Bannister Tim.Bannister at manchester.ac.uk
Thu Aug 17 05:01:28 EDT 2006

On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 10:28:47AM +0100, Tim Bannister wrote:
> We're intending to deploy a new Cyrus-based system using SAN storage and
> relying on replication for backups; under normal circumstances, we will
> take only partial backups of the master IMAP servers - omitting
> /var/spool/imap
> We've provisionally decided that each master IMAP server will have
> several partitions, each around 250 GiB, and that we'll distribute users
> across these. We'd like to replicate these to machines that are tuned
> for good IO performance. Initial tests with 2.3.7 show replication
> working, except that renaming a user to a different partition doesn't
> have an effect on the replica. Other operations such as mail delivery
> continue OK for a user that's moved to a different partition.

This does look like a bug, but it only happens if the user is created on
one partition and then moved (with "cyradm rename" or similar) to
another. If we create users on a partition they get replicated to the
equivalent partition on the slave; if we move them on the master, they
stay put on the slave though replication seems to continue OK.

I'm certainly glad I found this now rather than in production during a
restore. This is 2.3.7 derived from Simon Matter's latest SRPM, patched
only to customise the ID response.

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