How to restrict pop/imap access by user/group names

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Tue Aug 15 19:21:35 EDT 2006

Hi Kai,

On 15.08.2006, at 19:11, Kai Wang wrote:
> Thanks, Baltasar . I understood the main idea. Currently we use one 
> imapd.conf file. We configured cyrus -> saslauthd -> pam -> (cas) ldap 
> to do authentication. We want to use pam.cas but haven't tested it 
> yet. We can not do a select statement. Do you have any idea about 
> this?
Using that setup I don't think you can achieve what you want. You need 
some point where you can fetch that information and saslauthd is a 
single instance which will always produce the same SASL result for the 
same user/password combination. Even if you could work around that 
(using multiple instances), you'd have to configure different PAM 
services to pass on the information.

So the way you should go is to check whether hte ldap auxprop plugin 
gives you some mechnism to restrict answers.


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