How to clean up the mailboxes database?

Gary Mills mills at
Tue Aug 15 17:11:37 EDT 2006

Something went wrong in deleting a mailbox and re-creating it on a
different partition.  The result is that the mailboxes database
contains mailbox entries for sub-folders of that mailbox on two
different partitions, even though the corresponding directories
don't exist.  Can I clean up this mess by dumping the database with
`ctl_mboxlist -d', deleting the erroneous lines and reloading it
with `ctl_mboxlist -u'?  The IMAP server would have to be down, of
course.  How safe is this?  There are about 16000 mailboxes.  We
are running cyrus-imapd-2.1.14.  The database is in skiplist format.

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