Outlook 2003 still crashing

Ciprian Vizitiu cvizitiu at gbif.org
Tue Aug 15 14:48:43 EDT 2006

> 2. sent items can not be stored on the server reliable. Local outlook 
> rules which do this just disappear from time to time.
> Dunno why... Could be users fault, too, no clue here.

I think I can help here: it's connection based at least; maybe also timing
based? If Outlook "sees" a very slow/unreliable connection towards the IMAP
store for which it's supposed to execute the rule, it simply disables that
rule! Doh! :-s Typical scenario for me: connected to office via VPN at a
conference where a shared WiFi ends up in a 128Kbps line. The VPN just drops
from time to time but recovers; if during this one attempts to send Outlook
will most likely disable the rule for "Sent Items". 

> 3. Under unknown circumstances, a client seems to put incredible IO 
> load on the server for 5 minutes up to 30 minutes. With my actual 
> setup (thanks to XFS), the server just handles this stress, but the 
> problem is still there. I just can assume that this has to be an 
> outlook client, because they are used the most. I might be wrong here, 
> too.
> No clue either.

I'm also plagued by the "Outlook stall" problem, haven't found a way around
it yet; initially I've suspected it to be hardware but I see it happening on
various configs... Only common things: XP + SP2 and Outlook 2003.

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