command line to move/delete email

jf jfmeteo at
Tue Aug 15 10:52:26 EDT 2006


I've a anti-spam (currently dspam) and I'm trying to search a plan to
retrain it.

Currently there are 2 imap folders, a spam folder and a ham. My users
copy a  wrong classified message to those folders to retrain dspam.

Each night a script parse each of those folders to analyse the wrong
classified emails.
After analysing it, I would like to delete all the mails in the spam
folder and to move the mails from the ham folder to the inbox.
I can't use 'rm' or 'mv' to do this, because of the architecture of Cyrus.

Do you know an easy way to do this, without having to establish an
imap connection and having to login as admin to the imap server ?

Thanks  for your help.


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