Shared folders

Rudy Gevaert Rudy.Gevaert at
Mon Aug 14 17:18:31 EDT 2006

former03 | Baltasar Cevc wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> yes, you can do it - use +<folder name> as destination mailbox
> (append your server name or whatever delivery domain you want
> to use). Take care that the user you use for delivery has post
> permissions to that folder.
> The other possibility (which is better if you want to be able to
> filter mails) is to use sieve - you could use it to separate
> shared+folder1@, shared+folder2 etc. and for example move all
> mails that have X-Spam-Status set to yes to have it delivered
> to the Spam folder. If you don't want to code sieve scripts you
> could use a web frontend (e.g. my favorite Horde Ingo integrated
> with the Horde IMP webmail, or AvelSieve which is a plugin to
> Squirrelmail or some stand alone solution like websieve).
> Baltasar

Hi Baltasar,

I don't fully understand the above.

Say I want the following shared folders: support at, 
admins at

I would create those mailboxes with cyradm:
cm "support at"
cm "admins at"
sam "support at" ?? p
sam "admins at ?? p

I've tried user cyrus but that doesn't work.  Lmtp says:
Aug 14 23:09:26 oeral mail2/lmtp[10712]: 
verify_user(!support) failed: Mailbox does not exist

Setting 'p' for 'anyone', works.  But I wonder if that is safe enough?

In your case you would make a mailbox 'shared at', right?  At 
let the users mail to 'shared+subfolder at".  Correct?


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