Multiple Login-Names for one mailbox?

Roland Baum rbaum at
Mon Aug 14 02:43:31 EDT 2006


i'm using Cyrus-2.2 for my mailbox wir PSQL-Sasl plugin for authenication.
each user has his mailbox in email-address-format (user at domain.tdl), so
that he/her can simply login with mbox-name.
other email-addresses are mapped to this mailbox via SQL-DB.

for prospectively applications, i want that one user can login with ONE
OF this email-addresses to this mailbox.
f.e user "fred" has a mailbox "fred at" and the adresses
"fred at", "admin at" and "mailme at", he
should can login with ONE OF this addresses to his mailbox
"fred at" (or with an other login-ID, f.e. this customer-ID).

is there a posibility to implement this with SASL/SQL in Cyrus??


Roland Baum

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